Sexual Function Contribution

2017-09-27Sexual Function Contribution

During the rapid treatment program, the daily report and ensuing discussions between the cotherapists and marital partners describing the non orgasmic wife's reactions and as well as those of her interacting husband, provide an incisive measure of th[Details]

Treatment Of Orgasmic Dysfunction

2017-09-20Treatment Of Orgasmic Dysfunct

Treat OrgasmNeither the biophysical nor the psychosocial systems which influence expression of the human sexual component have a biologically controlled demand to make specifically positive or negative contributions to sexual function.This fact does [Details]

Intercourse Position

2017-09-20Intercourse Position

The husband is directed to place himself in a sitting (slightly reclining, if desired) position, with his back against a comfortable placement of pillows at the headboard of the bed. With the husband's legs adequately separated to allow his wife to s[Details]

Female on Top Position

2017-09-20Female on Top Position

When the marital partners extend their psychosensory interchange to coition in the female-superior position, the wife once mounted is instructed to hold herself quite still and simply to absorb the awareness of penile containment.Interspersed with mo[Details]

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

2017-09-20Sexually Transmitted Diseases

The most important fact of STDs is they are not contracted by people who have only one partner.At the ClinicSome clinics which specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of sexual diseases are free. Others charge for their services. Some are walk-in; [Details]

Sexual Therapy

2017-09-20Sexual Therapy

Sexual TherapyA basic premise of therapeutic approach originally introduced, and fully supported over the years by laboratory evidence, is the concept that there is no such thing as an uninvolved partner in any marriage in which there is some form of[Details]