Premature Ejaculation History

2017-09-19Premature Ejaculation History

Premature Ejaculation History Sexual histories recorded from prematurely ejaculating males have a consistently familiar pattern. Variations on the basic theme arc reflected by the man's age and, in some instances, the circumstance in which his initia[Details]

Premature Ejaculation Help

2017-09-19Premature Ejaculation Help

When the male is approached pelvically, stimulative techniques are best conducted with the wife's back placed against the headboard of her bed (possibly supported with pillows), her legs spread, and with the husband resting on his back, his head dire[Details]

Premature Ejaculation Frustration

2017-09-19Premature Ejaculation Frustrat

The uninformed wife's reaction to a husband with an established problem of premature ejaculation also is relatively type-cast. During the first months or years of the marriage the usual response is one of tolerance, understanding, or sympathy, with s[Details]

Female Superior Position

2017-09-18Female Superior Position

Premature Ejaculation & SexThe male is encouraged to lie flat on his back and the female to mount in a superior position, her knees placed approximately at his nipple line and parallel to his trunk.The nearer the two individuals are to the same h[Details]

About Premature Ejaculation

2017-09-18About Premature Ejaculation

From a clinical point of view it is extremely difficult to define the syndrome of premature ejaculation. Most definitions refer specifically to the duration of intravaginal containment of the penis. For teaching purposes a genitourinary service in a [Details]

Penis Withdrawal Technique

2017-09-18Penis Withdrawal Technique

Penis Withdrawal TechniqueWith coital partners using the withdrawal technique as a means of contraception, the usual sexual sequence prescribes participation in sex play to a plateau level of male excitation, a rapid mounting process with a few frant[Details]