Ejaculatory Control Techniques

2017-09-18Ejaculatory Control Techniques

Male Superior PositionYet another reason for emphasizing the female-superior and the more effective lateral coital positioning is that the most popular position in our culture, the male-superior positioning, presents the greatest difficulties with ej[Details]

Premature Ejaculation

2017-09-18Premature Ejaculation

Ejaculation IncompetenceThe process of EjaculationHave you ever wonders how the whitish or cloudy fluid shoots out from the penis? Well, not all of us attended biology class right? Here's simply how; the sperm is produced by the testes, once formed, [Details]

Treatment and Side Effects

2017-09-18Treatment and Side Effects

If you want Strong Erection through penis injection therapy, penis vacuum device, penis implant or Viagra.Read about the Negative Effect before you hit it.Having a sustained erection that remains can be compared to walking around barefoot. At first, [Details]

8 ways of Preventing Impotence!

2017-09-188 ways of Preventing Impotence

Don't take your erections or your potency for granted! Is the message men need to hear around their fortieth or fiftieth birthday. Some change was inevitable, but some men were experiencing too much change especially if they had it earlier. Learn to [Details]

Restore Sex

2017-09-18Restore Sex

4 steps to Restore Man Sexual Function:Step 1.If you lose your erection during intercourse, just let it go. Then tried something different like performing cunnilingus on your partner. You may get hard again or even if you don't, you have satisfied yo[Details]

Multiple orgasm for men

2017-09-18Multiple orgasm for men

MIDLIFE ORGASM FOR MENIt was mentioned earlier that a matured male will experience a better ejaculation control as compared his younger peers. As a man aged, his orgasm is much more intense, deep and rich. His midlife orgasm is triggered by intense p[Details]