Role of Partner Surrogate

2017-09-15Role of Partner Surrogate

The specific function of the partner surrogate is to approximate insofar as possible the role of a supportive, interested, cooperative wife. Her contributions are infinitely more valuable as a means of psychological support than as a measure of physi[Details]

Primary Impotence

2017-09-15Primary Impotence

Usually it is impossible to delineate, without reservation, untoward maternal influence as a primary etiological factor in primary impotence. However, there have been three specific instances of overt mother son sexual encounters in the histories of [Details]

Homosexual and Heterosexual

2017-09-15Homosexual and Heterosexual

Impotence, Homosexual and HeterosexualCommitment to an overt pattern of homosexual response in the early to middle teenage years also emerged as a major etiological factor in failed coital connection during initial and all subsequent heterosexual exp[Details]

Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction

2017-09-15Impotence or Erectile Dysfunct

For clinical purposes the primarily impotent man arbitrarily has been defined as a male or penis never able to achieve and/or maintain an erection quality sufficient to accomplish successful coital connection. If erection is established and then lost[Details]

Influence to Penis

2017-09-15Influence to Penis

There is the recorded history of one man whose failed attempt at initial coitus developed while he was partially under the influence of drugs.Two men (the exception mentioned above) failed in their first attempts at vaginal penetration under the infl[Details]

Sexual Failure

2017-09-15Sexual Failure

everal episodes of erective failure had developed during the last six months of the marriage. The man's severe levels of distraction, created by the ambiguity of his commitments, were obvious. The non ejaculatory pattern was one of first withholding [Details]