Inadequate Orgasm

2017-09-20Inadequate Orgasm

To consider situationally non orgasmic, a woman must have experienced at least one instance of orgasmic expression, regardless of whether it was induced by self or by partner manipulation, developed during vaginal or rectal coital connection, or stim[Details]

Impotent and Female Orgasm

2017-09-20Impotent and Female Orgasm

Although emphasis has been placed upon the role of premature ejaculation in the etiology of primary orgasmic dysfunction, primary or secondary impotence also contributes. Again the basic theme of man and woman coital interaction must be emphasized.If[Details]

Sexual Lubrication

2017-09-19Sexual Lubrication

Sexual LubricationProbably the most frequent cause for dyspareunia originating with symptoms of burning, itching, or aching is lack of adequate production of vaginal lubrication with sexual functioning.During attempted penile intromission or with lon[Details]

Sex, Pelvic Syndromes

2017-09-19Sex, Pelvic Syndromes

One of the most obscure of pelvic pathological syndromes, yet one of the most psychosexually crippling, is traumatic laceration of the ligaments supporting the uterus. This syndrome was described clinically. Five women have been referred to the Found[Details]

Sex and Pelvic Infection

2017-09-19Sex and Pelvic Infection

When considering intense pain elicited during coital functioning as opposed to vaginal aching or irritation, the therapist generally should look beyond the confines of the vaginal barrel for existent pathology involving the reproductive viscera.Acute[Details]

Problems of Dyspareunia

2017-09-19Problems of Dyspareunia

There have been three cases referred as problems of dyspareunia in which individual women were involved in gang-rape experiences. In all three instances there were multiple coital connections, episodes of simultaneous rectal and vaginal mountings, an[Details]