Erection and masculinity

2017-09-19Erection and masculinity

Impotence and ErectionIt has such a varied etiology that a formalized frequency table for professional consideration is contraindicated at this time. Yet significant consideration must be devoted to dominant sources from which the fears of performanc[Details]

Impotence Cause by Surgery

2017-09-19Impotence Cause by Surgery

In the second case, a supra-pubic prostatectomy, there was sufficient post surgical symptomatology to stimulate onsetof symptoms of secondary impotence. In this situation the untoward surgical result was unfortunate. The distress in both instances wa[Details]

Impotent by Paternal Dominance

2017-09-19Impotent by Paternal Dominance

Paternal dominance exactly the opposite type of history has been recorded in five cases of men referred for treatment of secondary impotence when therapy. His fears for sexual performance and, for that matter, almost any measure of performance were o[Details]



When the first erective failure occurs, the involved man certainly should not immediately be judged secondarily impotent. Many men have occasional episodes of erective failure, particularly when fatigued or distracted. However, an initial failure at [Details]

Your Penis Size

2017-09-19Your Penis Size

A GENERAL LOOK AT THE PENISWhen we look at the penis from its exterior, we see a shaft, usually called by most men. The tip of the shaft is the glans. The glans which run from the urinary bladder, in the middle through the prostate and towards the op[Details]

Drugs that spoil your sex life

2017-09-19Drugs that spoil your sex life

Prescription Drugs:

    Tranquilizers.Decongestants.Drugs to lower cholesterol.Digoxin for heart failure.Diuretics and Beta blockers used f[Details]