Sexually Transmitted Diseases

2017-09-20Sexually Transmitted Diseases

The most important fact of STDs is they are not contracted by people who have only one partner.At the ClinicSome clinics which specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of sexual diseases are free. Others charge for their services. Some are walk-in; [Details]

Sexual Therapy

2017-09-20Sexual Therapy

Sexual TherapyA basic premise of therapeutic approach originally introduced, and fully supported over the years by laboratory evidence, is the concept that there is no such thing as an uninvolved partner in any marriage in which there is some form of[Details]

Sexual Intercourse

2017-09-20Sexual Intercourse

The ultimate level in couple communication is sexual intercourse. When there is couple complaint of sexual dysfunction, the primary source of absolute communication is interfered with or even destroyed and most other sources or means of interpersonal[Details]

Sexual Health

2017-09-20Sexual Health

At onsetof the program, couples were requested to devote three weeks of their time to the therapeutic program. This concept of time commitment was maintained for the first two years of this clinical research program.Evaluation of sexual experiencemad[Details]

Sexual Function

2017-09-20Sexual Function

In order to establish at least a minimum of patient screening, at onsetof the clinical treatment program no units were accepted in therapy unless the complaining partner in the couple (e.g., the impotent male or the non orgasmic female) had a history[Details]

Sex Therapeutic Procedures

2017-09-20Sex Therapeutic Procedures

In therapeutic procedure involving the dual-sex teams, the control within the team rests primarily with the silent cotherapist during treatment sessions. The silent cotherapist is literally in charge of each therapeutic session. He or she, as the obs[Details]