Erection Treatment

2017-09-15Erection Treatment

Alternative Erection TreatmentThe basic means of treating the sexually distraught marital relationship is, of course, to re-establish communication. The most effective means of encouraging communication is through a detailed presentation of informati[Details]

Volunteered Sex Partners

2017-09-15Volunteered Sex Partners

Volunteered Sex PartnersOver that 11 years, 13 women have been accepted from a total of 31volunteers for assignment as partner surrogates. Their ages ranged from 24 to 43 years when they joined the research program. Although all but two of the women [Details]

Sex Partner and Impotence

2017-09-15Sex Partner and Impotence

Sex Partner and ImpotenceWhile developing therapy concepts and procedural patterns at onsetof the clinical investigative approach to sexual dysfunction in 1959, there were many severe problems to be faced. One of the most prominent concerns was the d[Details]

Sexual Replacement

2017-09-15Sexual Replacement

Sexual ReplacementThirteen women have accompanied unmarried men to the Foundation, agreeing to serve as replacement partners to support these men during treatment for sexual dysfunction. In all instances both individuals were accepted in therapy with[Details]

Role of Partner Surrogate

2017-09-15Role of Partner Surrogate

The specific function of the partner surrogate is to approximate insofar as possible the role of a supportive, interested, cooperative wife. Her contributions are infinitely more valuable as a means of psychological support than as a measure of physi[Details]

Primary Impotence

2017-09-15Primary Impotence

Usually it is impossible to delineate, without reservation, untoward maternal influence as a primary etiological factor in primary impotence. However, there have been three specific instances of overt mother son sexual encounters in the histories of [Details]