Ejaculation Incompetence and Impotence

2017-09-15Ejaculation Incompetence and I

Ejaculation Incompetence and ImpotenceThe most effective communication of all, a functional marriage bed, has been made immediately available and the security of intravaginal ejaculatory response has been established for both partners. The fact of an[Details]

Ejaculation Incompetence Development

2017-09-15Ejaculation Incompetence Devel

There is a multiplicity of factors that can force development of ejaculatory incompetence. In addition to the primary influence of religious orthodoxy, male fear of pregnancy, or lack of interest in or physical orientation to the particular woman are[Details]

Ejaculatory Incompetence

2017-09-15Ejaculatory Incompetence

It is a specific form of male sexual dysfunction that can be considered either primary or secondary in character. From diagnostic and therapeutic points of view, it is easier and psycho physiologically more accurate to consider this form of sexual in[Details]

Cause of Ejaculation Incompetence

2017-09-15Cause of Ejaculation Incompete

In a case of 12 men never able to ejaculate intravaginally with their wives, five were tense, anxious products of severe religious orthodoxy: one of Jewish, one from Catholic, and three with fundamentalist Protestant backgrounds.


How Taking Testosterone Can Help You—Outside the Bedroom

2017-09-15How Taking Testosterone Can He

Your sex life might not be the only thing liftedLow testosterone can cause a bunch of unpleasant effects. Everything from your mood to your sex life can plummet if your levels of that important hormone aren’t up to snuff.That’s where testosterone rep[Details]

Low Testosterone Affects Your Body

2017-09-15Low Testosterone Affects Your

Low Testosterone Affects Your BodyYour penis isn’t the only thing at risk.Testosterone important forbuilding muscleand fuelling your sexdrive.But receptors for the hormoneexist throughout your body, from your brain to your bones to your blood vessels[Details]