Sex Therapist

2017-09-20Sex Therapist

If there are to be dual-sex therapy teams, what roles do the individual cotherapists play? What guidelines do they follow? What therapeutic procedures ensue? What should be their qualifications as professionals in this sensitive, emotionally charged [Details]

Impotent and Sexual Performance

2017-09-20Impotent and Sexual Performanc

Impotent and Sexual PerformanceRegardless of the particular form of sexual inadequacy with which both members of the couple are contending.Fears of sexual performanceare of major concern to both partners in the marital bed.The impotent male's fears o[Details]

Sex and Pelvic Infection

2017-09-19Sex and Pelvic Infection

When considering intense pain elicited during coital functioning as opposed to vaginal aching or irritation, the therapist generally should look beyond the confines of the vaginal barrel for existent pathology involving the reproductive viscera.Acute[Details]

Problems of Dyspareunia

2017-09-19Problems of Dyspareunia

There have been three cases referred as problems of dyspareunia in which individual women were involved in gang-rape experiences. In all three instances there were multiple coital connections, episodes of simultaneous rectal and vaginal mountings, an[Details]

Penis Irritations

2017-09-19Penis Irritations

Many men complain:Burning, itching, and irritation after coital connection with women contending with chronic or acute vaginal infections.Not infrequently small blisters appear on the glans penis, particularly around the urethral outlet. If there are[Details]

Penis Foreskin

2017-09-19Penis Foreskin

Painful Coition Is Not Limited to Women.Many men are distracted from and even denied effective sexual functioning by painful stimuli occasioned during or after sexual functioning.The symptoms will be described in relation to the anatomical site of pa[Details]