Male Sex Distress

2017-09-19Male Sex Distress

Among the most distressing of the many factors in dyspareunia are the complaints of burning, itching, or aching in the vagina during or after intercourse. The existence of chronic vaginal irritation frequently robs women of their full freedom of sexu[Details]

Penile Chordee or Curved Penis

2017-09-19Penile Chordee or Curved Penis

Curve PenisPeyronieA disease produced by induration and fibrosis of the corpora cavernosa of the penis and evidenced as an upward bowing of the penis, plus a gradually increasing angulation to the right or left of the midline, makes coital connection[Details]

Condoms Allergies

2017-09-19Condoms Allergies

Condoms Allergies Aside from direct infective agents, there are many other sources of burning, itching, or aching in the vaginal barrel that can produce chronic dyspareunia. Among those most frequently encountered are the sensitivity reactions associ[Details]

Secondary Impotence and Sex

2017-09-19Secondary Impotence and Sex

Secondary ImpotenceDefinition of secondary impotencedepends upon acceptance of the concept of primary impotence as expressed and discussed in primary impotence. Primary impotence arbitrarily has been defined as the inability to achieve and/or maintai[Details]

Physiological Impotence

2017-09-19Physiological Impotence

The subject of physiological influence on sexual inadequacy will be considered in this chapter because at least 95 percent of the time when physical disability affects male sexual response.The symptoms are those of secondary impotence.It is almost im[Details]

Male Impotence Cause

2017-09-19Male Impotence Cause

A typical history of an acute episode of alcohol consumption as an etiological factor in the onsetof secondary impotence is classic in its structural content. The clinical picture is one of acute psychic trauma on a circumstantial basis, rather than [Details]