Prostate, Erection, Testosterone

2017-09-19Prostate, Erection, Testostero

IS PROSTATE PROBLEM AND ERECTION RELATED?As you know by now that the main role of the prostate is to make and squeeze the semen into the urethra canal and muscles the fluid out of the gland. So without a prostate, there's no discharge! This often is [Details]

Enlarged Prostate

2017-09-19Enlarged Prostate

There were time when you just think of how hard and how long you want your erections to be, there are perhaps another area we should looked at-The Prostate!Something naked that you can't see or feel, and it runs down towards the penis! Let's go a lit[Details]

Premature Ejaculation Treatment

2017-09-19Premature Ejaculation Treatmen

Premature Ejaculation TreatmentIn the clinical progression of moving toward secondary impotence from an established pattern of premature ejaculation, there is an intermediate step that frequently can be underscored by careful history-taking. A man tr[Details]

Premature Ejaculation History

2017-09-19Premature Ejaculation History

Premature Ejaculation History Sexual histories recorded from prematurely ejaculating males have a consistently familiar pattern. Variations on the basic theme arc reflected by the man's age and, in some instances, the circumstance in which his initia[Details]

Premature Ejaculation Help

2017-09-19Premature Ejaculation Help

When the male is approached pelvically, stimulative techniques are best conducted with the wife's back placed against the headboard of her bed (possibly supported with pillows), her legs spread, and with the husband resting on his back, his head dire[Details]

Premature Ejaculation Frustration

2017-09-19Premature Ejaculation Frustrat

The uninformed wife's reaction to a husband with an established problem of premature ejaculation also is relatively type-cast. During the first months or years of the marriage the usual response is one of tolerance, understanding, or sympathy, with s[Details]