Penis Manipulation

2017-09-15Penis Manipulation

Penis ManipulationWhen erections recur spontaneously, the wife is encouraged to place herself in the superior coital position, with her knees at or below his nipple line, before her sex play is directed toward penile manipulation.When the wife is com[Details]

Maintain Erection

2017-09-15Maintain Erection

Maintain ErectionOnce the husband and wife can mount with security, another specific male fear of performance will surface. Impotent men having achieved intromission successfully still have not satisfied their performance fears.They immediately quest[Details]

Impotence Remedy

2017-09-15Impotence Remedy

Impotence RemedyErective incompetence occasionally develops from physical causes at various stages in the life cycle. Anything from extremely low thyroid function in the third decade to a perineal prostatectomy in the sixth decade can and does result[Details]

Impotence Cure

2017-09-15Impotence Cure

Impotence is not a naturally occurring phenomenon. Yet there are men who never experience intromission regardless of available coital opportunity; they have been identified as primarily impotent.There are men, having succeeded in coital opportunity o[Details]

Erections Demand

2017-09-15Erections Demand

Erections DemandDemand for male sexual performance is never made by authority.Historically, years of failure in treatment for sexual dysfunction has pinpointed the fact that, regardless of length, depth, concept, or technique of therapy, at some poin[Details]

Alternative Impotent Treatment

2017-09-15Alternative Impotent Treatment

Often both husband and wife find that partial or complete penile erection develops when they are merely following directions to pursue alternative sensate patterns of "pleasuring" one another without direct physical approach to the pelvic areas.Wheth[Details]