Sexual Values

2017-09-20Sexual Values

Sexual ValuesAn interesting variation on this classification of repression should be mentioned. There were several primarily non orgasmic women whose receptivity to the repressive conditioning was slightly different. Their own particular personality [Details]

Sex Drive

2017-09-20Sex Drive

For many women, a basic homophile orientation is a major etiological factor in heterosexual orgasmic dysfunction. For those women committed to homosexual expression, lack of orgasmic return from heterosexual opportunity is of no consequence.But there[Details]

Sex, Culture Influence

2017-09-20Sex, Culture Influence

Increasing complaintsof inadequacy of human sexual function, it would seem that the potpourri of cultures that influence the behavior of so many might designate some area less vital to the quality of living than sexual expression to receive and to be[Details]

Orgasm Dysfunction

2017-09-20Orgasm Dysfunction

The potential for orgasmic dysfunction:highlighted in the psychosocial-sexual histories of those women in marital units referred to the Foundation can be described in composite profile.A baseline of dysfunctional distress was provided by specific mat[Details]

Male Orgasm Influence

2017-09-20Male Orgasm Influence

Professionals many times look for a specific influence or conditioning that predetermines sexual failure, and in most instances it can be identified if the delving goes deep enough.Instances of neither positive nor negative dominance by either biophy[Details]

Male Sex & Religion

2017-09-20Male Sex & Religion

While the multiplicity of etiological influences is acknowledged, the factor of religious orthodoxy still remains of major import in primary orgasmic dysfunction as in almost every form of human sexual inadequacy.Investigation of 193 women who have n[Details]