Male Sexual Dysfunction

2017-09-20Male Sexual Dysfunction

Male Sexual DysfunctionIn order to be diagnosed as having primary orgasmic dysfunction, a woman must report lack of orgasmic attainment during her entire lifespan. There is no definition of male sexual dysfunction that parallels in this severity of e[Details]

Male Libido

2017-09-20Male Libido

Random orgasmic inadequacy is illustrated in the history below. With but two episodes of orgasmic attainment in her life, Mrs. H provides a history of one manipulative and one coital effort to orgasmic release. Her two highlighted sexual experiences [Details]

Male Female Sexual Response

2017-09-20Male Female Sexual Response

Male Female Sexual ResponseBoth contributing positively or negatively to any state of sexual responsivity, but having no biological demand to function in a complementary manner.With the reminder that finite analysis of male sexual capacity and physio[Details]

Inexperience Sexual Male

2017-09-20Inexperience Sexual Male

For many women one of the most frequent causes for orgasmic dysfunction, either primary or situational, is lack of complete identification with the marital partner.The husband may not meet her expectations as a provider.He may have physical or behavi[Details]

Inadequate Orgasm

2017-09-20Inadequate Orgasm

To consider situationally non orgasmic, a woman must have experienced at least one instance of orgasmic expression, regardless of whether it was induced by self or by partner manipulation, developed during vaginal or rectal coital connection, or stim[Details]

Impotent and Female Orgasm

2017-09-20Impotent and Female Orgasm

Although emphasis has been placed upon the role of premature ejaculation in the etiology of primary orgasmic dysfunction, primary or secondary impotence also contributes. Again the basic theme of man and woman coital interaction must be emphasized.If[Details]