Sexual Lubrication

2017-09-19Sexual Lubrication

Sexual LubricationProbably the most frequent cause for dyspareunia originating with symptoms of burning, itching, or aching is lack of adequate production of vaginal lubrication with sexual functioning.During attempted penile intromission or with lon[Details]

Sex, Pelvic Syndromes

2017-09-19Sex, Pelvic Syndromes

One of the most obscure of pelvic pathological syndromes, yet one of the most psychosexually crippling, is traumatic laceration of the ligaments supporting the uterus. This syndrome was described clinically. Five women have been referred to the Found[Details]

Pelvic Disease

2017-09-19Pelvic Disease

Pelvic DiseaseEndometriosis is a disease in which implants of endometrial tissue spread throughout the pelvic viscera and their protective covering, the peritoneum. When examined microscopically, this ectopic tissue resembles the lining of the inner [Details]

Sexual Trauma History

2017-09-18Sexual Trauma History

The following history exemplifies onsetof vaginismus subsequent to episodes of psychosexual trauma. There have been three women referred to therapy so physically and emotionally traumatized by unwelcome sexual attack that vaginismus developed subsequ[Details]

Sex with Lesbian

2017-09-18Sex with Lesbian

Sex with LesbianTwo case histories illustrate the occasional effect of homosexual orientation upon the female partner. Couple G was composed of a 26-year-old woman married to a man 37 years old. The wife had been actively homosexual since seduction b[Details]

Marital Sex Solution

2017-09-18Marital Sex Solution

Marital Sex SolutionThe initial and most important step in the treatment of vaginismus is physical demonstration of the existence of the involuntary vaginal spasm conducted to the clinical satisfaction of both marital partners.Anatomical illustration[Details]