Male sex and Vaginismus

2017-09-18Male sex and Vaginismus

Male sex and vaginismus is a psycho physiological syndrome affecting women freedom of sexual response by severely, if not totally, impeding coital function. Anatomically this clinical entity involves all components of the pelvic musculature investing[Details]

Male Painful Sex

2017-09-18Male Painful Sex

Vaginismus occasionally develops in women with clinical symptoms of severe dyspareunia (painful intercourse). When dyspareunia has firm basis in pelvic pathology, the existence of which escapes examining physicians, and over the months or years coiti[Details]

Impotence Trauma

2017-09-18Impotence Trauma

Here is illustrative of an etiological factor frequently encountered in vaginismus, that of the influence of channel visioned religious orthodoxy upon the immature and adolescent girl. When the couple was first seen in consultation, couple A's marria[Details]

Impotence and Vaginismus

2017-09-18Impotence and Vaginismus

The presence of involuntary muscular spasm in the outer third of the vaginal barrel, with the resultant severe constriction of the vaginal orifice, is obvious. The literature has remarked on an unusual physical response pattern of a woman afflicted w[Details]

Sexual Dysfunction and Control

2017-09-18Sexual Dysfunction and Control

Sexual DysfunctionThe most common dysfunctions treated by sex therapists are:Anorgasmia: The women has never, or only rarely, reached orgasm.Delayed Ejaculation: The man can act sexually though seldom, if ever, climaxes in his partner's presence.Erec[Details]

Phantom Orgasm

2017-09-18Phantom Orgasm

MythsPut a check against any of the following which may have been a part of childhood learning:Sex is dirty and nasty.The act of love should end in orgasm.The man is the one to initiate making love.Women should not show that they desire sex.Orgasms a[Details]