Orgasm and Health

2017-09-18Orgasm and Health

Pain at OrgasmPain at orgasm can occur if the contractions of the uterus become very powerful. In a few cases, they can be as wracking as the cramps of a period. Why put up with unnecessary pain? Visit the physician promptly. The condition may be due[Details]

Changes at Orgasm

2017-09-16Changes at Orgasm

The clitoris lengthens and thickens, reaching maximum size. Just before orgasm, it pulls back behind the foreskin (hood).The vagina dilates, the inner two-thirds widen and lengthen. The walls turn deep purple and are coated with lubricating fluid.The[Details]

Menopause Cause Beast Lumps and Heavy Periods or Menorrhagia

2017-03-23Menopause Cause Beast Lumps an

Menopause begins Statistical investigations of menopause have provided us with some information concerning the average age of the menopause. Thus a considerable mount of clinical material has been sifted with a view to establishing the commencement,[Details]

Menopause Cause Irregular Periods

2017-02-15Menopause Cause Irregular Peri

Menopause Cause Irregular Periods Irregular periods are a ubiquitous sign of approaching menopause. You'll probably begin having unpredictable periods and even skip some for as long as 2 or 3 years before you stop altogether, but remember that everyo[Details]