Root King FX Calcium

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Root King FX Calcium

Root King FX Calcium 

The musculoskeletal system is constructed of bones, muscles, and joints. The bones attached to each other at a joint where strong tissues known as tendons and ligaments help connect the bones. At the ends of each bones lies a smooth, protective cartilage and soft tissues that produces liquid. This liquid cushions the bones and lubricate them so that they will not rub against each other. 
As we get older though, the cartilage would start to deteriorate from normal wear and tear of the passing years. 

The protective membranes and fluids in the joints would start to dry up and when the bones begin to rub against each other, you would start to feel pain in your joints. 

Why Root King FX calcium? 
High absorption rate due to improved formula, unlike other calcium products FX Calcium contain lactose, lecithin & collagen. Due to the perfect combination between collagen & calcium, FX Calcium can support bone & joint at same time. 
Maintain healthy lipid level due to lecithin that supports fat transportation and fat metabolism. Lactose acts to bind the ingredients together to promote digestion & absorption of calcium & other mineral. With the use of natural ingredients, users are no longer deterred with the drawbacks of consuming calcium and instead, are reaping the benefits of calcium supplements. 

How will Root King FX Calcium benefit me? 

·  Keeps bone strong

·  Support joint flexibility and mobility

·  Improves nerves conduction

·  Aid in fat metabolism

·  Promotes healthy cardiovascular system

How to use: Take twice daily, 1 to 2 capsules each time. For higher calcium intake: Take twice daily, 2 capsules each time.

Packing size: 90 capsules + 30 capsules extra.