Root King Cinnamon

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Root King Cinnamon

Root King Cinnamon Extract is a natural approach to support healthy sugar level from the daily carbohydrates intake. By using water extraction method to process the ingredients, it helps filter out toxins, impurities and harmful components found in raw herbs while retaining the active water soluble elements and its herbal essence. It is also easily absorb into the body to release faster effect. The product support starch and sugared food breakdown, improve metabolism, maintain body composition, support prostate health and healthy immune system in healthy individuals.



· Support sugar and starch breakdown

· Support metabolism and absorption

· Support glucose activity and functions

· Support immunity and maintain body composition

User group: both men and women

Take note: The water extraction process helps to filter out toxins and impurities found in raw cinnamon. Thus, it is also more effective on glucose breakdown which circulates in the blood. High glucose in the blood can cause damage to eyes, heart, kidneys, nerves and other organs. It is important to avoid consuming high doses of the powdered cinnamon that is available in markets or supermarkets as it not free from impurities and harmful components. These powdered cinnamon are for use in baking of cakes and cookies, cooking or for flavor enhancing. In medicinal usage, it acts like other volatile oils and had a reputation as a cure for colds, diarrhea, ease prostate and other problems of the digestive system. 

How to use: Take 2 capsules twice daily before meal. Accompanied with a good diet with less sugared/starch, oily and salty food is recommended. NOT suitable for pregnant women, breast-feeding moms and children. 


Packing size: 60 capsules plus 20 capsules extra. 

Usual Price:USD 41.00 / SGD 48.00 / RMB 240.00

*your results may vary.