Vitroman Oyster Extract

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Vitroman Oyster Extract

Vitroman Oyster Ext 

Vitroman Oyster Ext offers benefits from oyster meat useful to support men's reproductive health. Oyster provides a natural source of multi-minerals and marine vitamins such as amino acids, taurine and zinc. It plays an important role in enhancing metabolism and energy boosting. Oyster also carry spermatogenic compound which can increase its activity. It is rich in protein (peptides) and zinc naturally that stimulates the production of testosterone thereby raising its levels in the body. It is recommended for fathers or parents to-be whom wish to have children.

Vitroman Oyster Ext derived from the essences of oysters is meant to amplify the nutritional and health benefits of testosterone, muscle growth, and libido. They can help to increase glutathione levels and help counteract fatigue, improve immunity and enhance sexual health. Fortified with energizing herbs, regular intake aid in physical firness and vigour.

More benefits of oyster:

1) Oyster is also useful for the body and liver cleansing as it promotes secretion of bile and enhances liver functions. 
2) Oysters are good sources of minerals such as Vitamin B 12, Omega 3 fats, iron and zinc. These minerals boost memory and brain functions. 
3) Oysters contains the richest food source of zinc. Zinc is found in male sex organs and sperm (zinc deficiency has been linked to low sperm counts and testosterone levels). It helps to improve sperm count, motility, form, function, quality, and fertilizing capacity. 
4) Oysters are full of vitality and they can increase sexual desire or sexual performance. The zinc in oysters help the body to restore energy after a good sex.