Vitroman Brazilian Catuaba

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Vitroman Brazilian Catuaba

Vitroman Brazilian Catuaba 
Natural remedy from Brazil
Vitroman Brazilian Catuaba contains Brazilian herb that is known as an herbal supplement deriving from a small tree native to the Brazilian landscape. It has yellow and orange flowers and bears an oval-shaped, yellowish-brown fruit. Its bark is well known with its uncommon antiviral and antibacterial qualities.


Brazilian herbalists believe that the composition or color of a fruit or herb, or the color of its extract, indicates the organ upon which it operates -- the organ to be cured or remedied. The extract of Catuaba bark is red, which links it to the blood, liver and circulatory system. 
Catuaba, Brazilian Viagra 
Catuaba is very popular among young Brazilian couples because it’s used as a sexual stimulant or just as a general energy formula. When we speak of natural sex enhancement in Brazil, the first word that comes to everyone’s lips is “Catuaba.” Catuaba (scientific name, Trichilia catigua) is known all over the world as the Brazilian Viagra without the harmful side effects.
Catuaba’s role in human health
It’s used in the treatment of fatigue, insomnia, hypochondria, impotence, erectile dysfunction and sciatica. It also helps with concentration and provides natural energy and immune support. 
More recently, studies show that Catuaba extract can also strengthen blood cells and help them fight off all kinds of pathogens, including the HIV virus due to inhibiting the absorption of the HIV virus into the cell. 
Although it is also the family of Coca-the plant from which cocaine is derived but is doesn’t contain the narcotic alkaloids (includes morphine, codeine and cocaine) found in Coca.
What can I experience? 

·  Achieves an erection, increases desire and regains lost sexual function.

·  Stimulates central nervous, boosts energy level and also improves mood

·  Controls pain and fights fatigue.

·  Fights depression, anxiety.


Are there more benefits?

·  Provides energy and immune support

·  Promises for helping to prevent the opportunistic HIV infection.

How to use

Take twice daily, 2-3 capsules each time. Regular intake for better results