Quanwei Plant Calcium

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Quanwei Plant Calcium

Quanwei Plant Calcium

The musculoskeletal system is constructed of bones, muscles, and joints. The bones attached to each other at a joint where strong tissues known as tendons and ligaments help connect the bones. At the ends of each bones lies a smooth, protective cartilage and soft tissues that produces liquid. This liquid cushions the bones and lubricate them so that they will not rub against each other. 
As we get older though, the cartilage would start to deteriorate from normal wear and tear of the passing years. 

The protective membranes and fluids in the joints would start to dry up and when the bones begin to rub against each other, you would start to feel pain in your joints. 

Why Quan Wei Plant Calcium? 
Quan Wei Plant Calcium is 100% plant-derived, formulated from third generation plant calcium (calcium amino acide chelate) together with some chosen herbs, so the bioavailability of the product is doubled. 
Because this is a plant derived calcium, it is suitable for people who are vegetarians. This product causes no side effect, no stomach stimulation and would not cause kidney stones formation. Quan Wei Plant Calcium also contains soy extract and lecithin (from soy) to boost intestinal calcium absorption. 
Plant Calcium is used to aid calcium and mineral deficiencies which causes all kinds of discomfort such as joint pain, stiffness and swelling. Also, this product helps to build strong and healthy bones, slowing down the bones damage caused by osteoarthritis, improving nail and hair growth. 
Plant Calcium specializes in vegan diets to rebuild healthy bone calcium due to advanced herbal formula. The clinical study shows that absorption level of organic calcium which originates from plant is 6-8 times higher than from inorganic calcium. 

How will Quan Wei Plant Calcium benefit me? 

·  Vegetarian calcium support

·  Multi-function support for bone & joint

·  Formulated from plant calcium (calcium amino acide chelate)

·  Relief discomfort such as joint pain, stiffness and swelling

How to use: Take twice daily, 2 capsules each time. For users with calcium deficiency: 3 times a day, 2 capsules each time.

Packing size: 120 capsules + 30 capsules extra.