Quanwei Plant Calcium 2.0

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Quanwei Plant Calcium 2.0

Quanwei Plant Calcium 2.0

Plant Calcium 2.0 is formulated with third generation plant calcium (calcium amino acid chelate), MSM and other herbs thus the bioavailability of the product is doubled.

MSM(Methyl - sulfonyl - methane), known as organic sulphur, an important mineral in building up the structure of the human body. MSM is needed by body to produce cartilage and strengthens the tissues that make up the joint. It helps maintain joint flexbility and elasticity. Being formulated from such a unique recipe, Plant Calcium 2.0 maintains not only healthy bone but also healthy joint.


Advantage of Plant Calcium 2.0: Natural formula, high calcium absorption rate, benefit bone and joint, no side effect, no stomach discomfort, no kidney stone formation.


Effects: Calcium support, bone metabolism, maintain bone density, joint flexibility and mobility, support bone and joint health.


How to use: Take twice daily, 2 capsules each time. For users with calcium deficiency, take 3 times a day,  2 capsules each time.


Packing size: 500mg*60 vegetarian capsules.