Root King Q10 Black Garlic

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Root King Q10 Black Garlic

Root King Q10 Black Garlic 

Coenzyme Q 10

1, Anti-aging: Decreased immune function of increasing age is the result of free radicals and free radical reactions, Coenzyme Q10 as a powerful antioxidant alone or in combination with Vitamin B6 in combination inhibited the free radicals and cell receptors on immune cells differentiation and activity of microtubule associated modification system, strengthen the immune system, delay aging.

2, Anti-fatigue acute and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS): Body of non-specific immune enhancer, so show excellent anti-fatigue effects, Coenzyme Q10 cells to maintain a good health condition, so the body is full of vitality, energy, brain abundant.

Black garlic:

Black garlic is produced through selection of fresh garlic and fermentation between 50 to 60 days. Japanese research shows that black garlic has many good effects.

In garlic fermentation process, the protein breaks down into amino acids, carbohydrates, especially allicin breaks into the odorless, low irritating and deoxidizing alliin, Black garlic changes the taste of garlic, maintains and enhances the edible and medicinal value, makes people absorb the nutrition more easily, eliminates the spicy pungent odor.

About the Product

1, No odor and aftertaste of garlic

2, Boost immunity, relief eczema & itchy skin, anti inflammation (fight common cold)

3, Lower cholesterol level & high blood pressure, maintain heart health

4, Adjust sub-health, alleviate fatigue, anti-oxidation, anti-aging

5, Support antibacterial & antiviral function, reduce sinus problem

Ingredients: Black Garlic, Coenzyme Q10, Noni, Turmeric Root, Green Tea
Directions: Take twice daily, 3-4 capsules each time after meal.

Packing size: 60 capsules plus 20 capsules extra.