Vitroman Herbal Gel

Vitroman Herbal Gel


Vitroman Herbal Gel main active ingredient is 18% Butea Superba, a precious herb of Thailand. It is a natural and soothing gel; lightly scantly and non-greasy. Just like a lubricant, it is non-intrusive and suitable for regular use.

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Vitroman Herbal Gel (For man only) main active ingredient is Butea Superba, a precious herb of Thailand. It is a natural and soothing gel; lightly scantly and non-greasy. Just like a lubricant, it is non-intrusive and suitable for regular use. It is the first breakthrough to common oral medications and supplements, which had realized many man’s dreams. Achieving; health wellness, health protection, and health maintenance for the private parts.



  • Maintain normal genital function
  • Boost erection stamina
  • Promote blood circulation
  • Improve holding power (delay ejaculation) during foreplay
  • Stronger erection than normal
  • Harder penis when erected
  • Stabilize blood flow & circulation
  • Enjoy better and longer sex

Because the skin around the penis is thin, rich nutrients in the formula will reach the cells in every layer via the vessels and capillaries. Daily nourishment of Herbal Gel could help vessels in the penis improve their elasticity and strength. The constantly stretched vessels and capillaries hence enable more blood to flow in the penis.

We source the herb with active compounds.

Butea Superba can be found only in Thailand. It is known as wild roots to the natives and is a protected herb species of Thailand. The herb is used in traditional treatment, health products, and external use preparations. It has drawn researchers around the world to study its active compound. According to studies and tests, the herb contains 15 chemicals in the group of direct organic acids – flavonoids.

External topical supplement:

Vitroman Herbal Gel is an external use, topical supplement for the male genital. The long waiting product is a mild and instant switch for users of synthetic products. It gives direct action treatment through direct application, direct absorption, and direct nutrient delivery; gradually improving blood circulations. The topical formula is water-based, thus, it does not irritate or cause any numbness during application. Being external use, it does not cause any adverse effects when used with other medication. It is easy to use, skin-friendly, soothing, nongreasy, and does not stain.

Consent use could regulate and stabilize the genital’s blood circulation.

Where do I apply Herbal Gel?

Vitroman Herbal Gel should only be applied on the male genital part (head, penis, and testis). Simply apply the gel and follow with a gentle massage or until is fully absorbed. No rinsing is needed.

Will Vitroman changes me physically?

It is rare but it may happen because the extract used contains flavonoids – stimulate blood circulations in the desired area.

Penis health

Most men now are more aware of erectile dysfunction (ED) as they know they might face the problem when age catches up with them. So they live and eat healthily. But yet there are many men facing ED or impotent as early as their 30s! One big neglect-The Penis! The more reason why men ought to learn how to maintain their genital organs early is that you never know when ED is coming and sometimes you cannot stop it.

Ingredients: Contain 18% of Butea Superba (Red Kwao Krua).

How to use: Apply a sufficient amount of gel onto the penile area, gently massage with soft strokes; in a circular motion for 3-5 minutes or until fully absorbed. Use twice daily or regularly for better effect. Recommend for the healthy males who seek special attention to maintain and support their normal genital functions. No need to wash off.

Packing size: 75ml

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