Root King Eye Care

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Root King Eye Care

Root King Eye Care 

As the legend goes, the British Royal Air Force pilots, after eating billberry jam for tea, bombed the enemies during WWII with devastating accuracy, their night vision enhanced by the powers of the inky blue fruit.
Although the legend has never been confirmed, the blueberry continues to be a subject of affection among scientists among scientists for its abundance of anthocyanosides, a kind of chemical compound with powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Why Root King Eye Care? 

Bilberries contain a set of powerful antioxidant and natural bioflavonoid complexes called Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins (OPC) supporting healthy eyes. 

Lutein exists in our body but it is not reproduced by our body, its role retards the oxidation of the macula. With more ingredients for good eye health such as zeaxanthin, bilberry & blueberry extracts, pine bark extract etc. Also contain hyaluronic acid which lubricates dry tired eyes. 
With natural ingredients, Root King Eye Care not only maintains healthy eyes but also help delay or prevent eyes problem & disease. 

How will Root King Eye Care benefit me? 

·  Support healthy intraocular pressure

·  Maintain healthy eyes & eyesight

·  Clear & sharpen vision

·  Fortify blood vessels wall

How to use: Take twice daily. 1-2 capsules each time.

Packing size: 60+20 vegetarian capsules, 250 mg each. 

Usual Price:USD 41.00 / SGD 48.00 / RMB 240.00

*your results may vary.