Vitroman Tongkat Ali 100

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Vitroman Tongkat Ali 100

Vitroman Tongkat Ali-100 (For man only) 
Vitroman Tongkat Ali 100 supplement uses the latest extraction technology in order to obtain the purity and retain the active components - Quassinoids. It is purely 100% without other herbs mix thus it is concentrated and could achieve desired results effectively. It is for men who need a raise in their testosterone, libido, vigor and sexual performance, strength and stamina. Traditionally, the root is used as herbal remedy to relieve hot spell, headache, stomach ache, wounds, skin infections and maintain body composition. Tongkat Ali has been man's ideal health products for many, many generations.

How to use:
Consume 1 capsule in morning and at night, half an hour before meal or bed. Adjust dosage if necessarily. 

Packing size: 60 capsules

·  Balance and increase testosterone level

·  Increase low libido

·  Maintain body composition

·  Stimulate sexual desire

Other benefits:

·  Reduce backache

·  Improve mood and rest

·  Maintain healthy blood sugar level


Clinical trials show Tongkat Ali effect varies according to dosage intake. For general fatigue and other health problems, boil 25 grams of slice roots (or equivalent to 500mg dosage) and drink. To increase libido and physical function consume double or triple in dosage. Body builders were recommended to consume higher dosage (200 grams of slice roots or 2000mg). Testosterone also increases muscle strength and size.
Tongkat Ali 
Tongkat Ali also known as Eurycoma Longifolia or Long Jack is native to the jungles of the Malay Borneo. Its popular folklore uses; enhance energy, relieve tiredness and body ache, control blood pressure level, skin problem, headache, external inflammation, malaria and anti-aging.
The male hormone, testosterone
Testosterone is a male hormone which can be found in both men and women. But it is more of the male characteristics. Usually at age 30, blood levels of testosterone starts to decline slowly. If testosterone declines in a man's body, his muscles, energy and libido begin to decrease. Men who smoke and drink alcohol excessively lose testosterone faster than those who don't.
Male hormones or testosterone stimulates metabolism, promote fat burning, increase red blood cells and muscle growth.
Tongkat Ali is known to boost performance, stamina and muscle mass in body building. In a clinical study conducted with a group of men, half the male were given Tongkat Ali to consume while the other half were not. During a few week of physical training program, the men who consume the herbs experienced greater muscle mass gain, stamina and strength. There were also a growing number of Asian athletes and body builders whom are using Tongkat Ali as an androgen booster to improve muscle size and enhance their sports performance. 


Hence, Tongkat Ali is beneficial to men age over 50 especially in supporting a healthy testosterone level.
Testosterone and libido
The sexual desire of both men and women is related to their level of testosterone. Women produce more estrogen and less testosterone. About 2% of testosterone flows freely through your body system and is responsible for ignition of your libido. Just like estrogen, testosterone plays an important role in a man's physical development and maturity of the male sex organs. Its secondary characteristics include enlarging of the larynx, growth of facial and body hair, and sexual characteristics. 
Tongkat Ali does not take effect immediately. The herb is able to enhance the testosterone if taken regularly. Tongkat Ali takes effects gradually after a period of time. You should be able to feel the result within 1 to 2 weeks if use without any interruption.